A&A Book Publishing Pty Ltd is an Australian independent self publishing house that publishes quality Non-Fiction (including Autobiography/Memoir, Business, Spirituality, Self-Help) and Fiction (Adult, Young Adults and Children) books and eBooks.

“We recognised that the book publishing industry was in crisis.”

A&A Book Publishing Pty Ltd was established in 2004. The book publishing industry was in crisis then, and still is – with more to come. Takeovers, mergers and closures have seen the emergence of a few major players and a corresponding decline in numbers of truly independent niche publishers. At the same time, online publishing via blogs has become more influential.

Initially this has resulted in a more conservative approach in what gets published; an accountant-type mentality that demands the author be able to justify his or her manuscript on the basis of marketability is applied to every potential book that passes across the desk of a commissioning editor that if it even makes it that far as increasingly publishing houses are simply refusing to accept unsolicited manuscripts and only publishing “name” authors or reprinting old titles. “Bottom line” decisions like these always demand that thousands of quality manuscripts go unpublished every year, presumably languishing in bottom drawers, whilst their authors remain disillusioned and cynical about the publishing process.

“We aim to change that.”

A&A Book Publishing exists because we believe those quality manuscripts deserve to be published and that there is a market for them, if they are promoted sensitively and distributed effectively. Each A&A project is unique. We are interested in reading your manuscript and advising you how we can assist with its development, publication, distribution and sales.

Ask us about our affordable financing packages and small print runs.