A&A Book Publishing distributes its titles nationally through major distributors. We also have international distribution channels.

If you require your A&A published book to be distributed within Australia or overseas, please let us know when we prepare your proposal.

A&A Book Publishing will only arrange distribution for titles published by us.

Book Editing

We provide you with a written quote of the total cost once we have received a sample chapter and wordcount. We also tell you how long the edit will take. As a general rule once payment and your full manuscript is received, the edit usually takes 21 working days. Every edit covers all aspects of style and structure, including dialogue, technical errors of grammar, punctuation, spelling and so on. You will receive text notes and a full, written report. Editing may be by hard copy (preferred) or electronic version.

We insist that all manuscripts published by A&A Book Publishing Pty Ltd are edited by us.

To receive a written quotation to edit your manuscript, fill in the form located on this page here and submit with a sample chapter and wordcount. If you prefer to send a hardcopy, please post your contact details, sample chapter, wordcount and SSE (self-addressed stamped envelope) to:

A&A Book Publishing
PO Box 261,
Montville, QLD 4560

If you are a professional editor and you are interested in working with A&A Publishing please contact us, outlining your credentials and experience.

Legal Review

To protect you and A&A Publishing from potential litigation, manuscripts deemed to be contentious or defammatory are subject to review by our team of legal experts. Depending on their advice, rewriting of suspect passages is sometimes necessary. Not all manuscripts require legal review.

Print and Design

A&A Publishing has developed a network of highly-talented and skilled designers and printers (both off-set and digital) allowing us to match the most suitable to your project.

When you first contact us for a proposal it is useful if you have thought about the specifications of your book. Some basic information that may help you with this is provided below.

  • Wordcount — please provide us with your wordcount. This is easy to do on a computer in Microsoft Word by clicking on the ‘Tools’ function and then clicking on ‘Word Count.’ To do it manually and get a rough guide, count the words on an average line, then multiply by the number of lines on the page and then by the number of pages. Words in a line x lines on page x number of pages = wordcount. This will give you an approximate word count.On average there are approximately 250 typed words on an A4 page.
  • Standard Book Sizes to consider:
    • Demi Octavo — 216 x 136 mm
    • A5 — 210 x 148 mm
    • C5 — 230 x 155 mm
    • B5 — 248 x 175 mm
    • A4 — 297 x 210 mm


Some other useful things to tell us:

  • What illustrations you require
  • How many photos there are and whether they are black and white or colour. Will they require photo editing work to make them print quality?
  • Hard cover or soft cover?
  • How many books you want to print.

Self Publishing Packages

We have a variety of Self Publishing Packages available to suit every requirement and budget. Click here for further information.

Preparation of Your Proposals

Please note that we put hours of work into initial discussions, gathering of quotes and writing your proposal. Your proposal outlines all costs, responsibilities and contractual arrangements between you and us. Therefore, A&A Publishing charges for a small fee for this service. Once you proceed to publish with us this cost is credited towards production of your book.

To arrange for your proposal please contact us.

Book Launches

If required, A&A Publishing Pty Ltd can even organise your book launch at a suitable venue (usually a bookstore). This comprehensive service includes sending invitations and co-ordinating RSVPs, catering, bar and bar staff, credit card facilities, organising speeches and posters.


A&A Book Publishing can arrange publicity for your book. Our strategic approach to targeted media has resulted in our authors appearing on international, national and local television and radio programs. A&A titles are also regularly reviewed in national newspapers, magazines, journals and publications, in both hardcopy and electronic formats.

We have several cost-effective publicity packages that can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

If you require publicity for the book you intend publishing through A&A, please let us know when we prepare your client proposal. Please note that A&A will only provide publicity services for titles we publish.


A&A Book Publishing works with a team of talented published writers who can assist you with ghostwriting your non-fiction book or autobiography. Once we understand the nature of your project and you have accepted our written quotation to write the book, we will introduce you to the author and the writing will commence. Depending on the project and subject to availability of you and the writer, your book could be a reality within three to nine months!

For further information please contact us and briefly describe the nature of your project.