While not new to having work published, my first novel certainly posed some interesting quandaries on the best way to proceed. With a tight timeline to achieve my publishing goal, I chose A&A Book Publishing after careful deliberation. There were cheaper options in the world of self-publishing but I believe I made an excellent choice.

Communication was clear and prompt. This made the publishing task achievable and efficient. Even though I had already engaged a professional editor, further editing service through A&A was well worth it. The additional services of graphic design and publicity were at all times efficient and highly professional. It was my responsibility to meet the clearly specified timelines but the effort was worth it, with the resulting book reflecting high standards of quality.

I would strongly recommend consideration of A&A Book Publishing.

Peter d'Plesse
Author of Fire Eye

Having lived, breathed and written my manuscript, handing it over for publishing was somewhat daunting. However, Joy, David and the team at A&A Book Publishing were able to bring to life in such clarity; my words and my vision. Throughout the entire publication process they offered professional support and guidance and I am excited to say that I am now a published author. The one-on-one service made the process so much more personal and was in balance with the topic of my book. Thank you to Joy, David and the team for enabling me to complete my work in such a timely manner and raise much needed adoption public awareness.

Liz Peter
Author of Searching For Our Angel

We chose A&A because of:

  • Their track record of successful, well presented publications
  • The professionalism of their process
  • The quality of their visuals i.e. cartoons
  • The experience of their principal Joy Aimee who has an excellent reputation in the publishing industry
  • Their relationships with well respected publicists and distributors

Our experience has been that A&A delivered on above. Additionally Joy Aimee was a valued and tolerant trusted advisor throughout the process.

Helen Burton, Vicki Webster and Alison Lees
Authors of How to Get Ahead Without Murdering Your Boss

I can highly recommend the services of A & A Book Publishing. The company lived up to all the promises it made in the contract and on its website. Joy was very professional and is backed up by an excellent team by way of editors, designers, publicist and distributor, all of which ensures that the publication is produced in a timely and professional manner, such that any writer engaging the company can be assured of the quality of the finished product and your work will get the exposure it deserves. Would I use A & A Publishing again? Absolutely!

Graeme Rattigan
Author of The Road to Success

When you sign with A&A Publishing your publishing troubles are over. You and your manuscript will be in the professional hands of Joy Aimee and her very experienced team of editors, designers, distributors and promoters. Joy really knows her business and she will consult and advise you every step of the way. The communication is excellent and you will feel that your book is the most important book and at no time will you have to wonder or wait or feel alone.

You will enjoy the experience with A&A as you choose the size of your book, the paper and best of all, help the creative genius David Andor design the cover of your book. Once the book has been printed (and it takes no time at all) A&A will register your book and it receives its ISBN number. Then a distributor can place your book in bookshops and to help the process Joy will recommend someone to promote it. Or you can choose A&A to do it for you.

My manuscript sat on the shelf for 25 years until Joy said ‘it deserves to be out there’ and now thanks to A&A it is a reality and it now sits on bookshop shelves and I am doing radio interviews about it.

I can recommend, without hesitation, A&A Publishing for their integrity and professionalism and their ability to make book dreams come true.

Ellen Mary Wilton
Author of Daughters of Allah

I cannot thank Joy enough for the guidance that she has given me in writing Get Selfish, Get Happy. Joy’s unique coaching ability helped me create, develop and refine my thoughts and knowledge to produce the final manuscript. With Joy’s help and the professionalism of the A & A Publishing crew I was supported and led through step by step to make my first book become a reality.

Helen Owen
Author of Get Selfish, Get Happy

I first met Joy Aimee after I completed her Gulp!Fiction online writing course. I was impressed by her carefully designed program and encouraged by her insightful feedback. So I signed up for a coaching session.

Joy listened patiently as I tried to explain my personal addiction to writing courses and my obsession with researching bizarre topics. We set some goals and I showed her the Indian story that had been dancing around in my head for 4 years.

To my delight, she insisted Bollywood Dreams could definitely be published for the young adult fiction market. I remember thinking: “Finally someone appreciates what I do!” That’s what Joy does. She sees potential and makes dreams come true. So began an exciting adventure into the world of publishing.

It is thanks to Joy and her talented team at A&A Book Publishing that I can now proudly say I’m a published author. Joy has managed every step from the edit, the proof read, David Andor’s creative cover and design, the print run, the delivery. Now I’m looking forward to the launch and working with Dorothy Griffith on her clever promotion and marketing plan.

Everyone I’ve met along the way has impressed me with their thorough and professional approach. I certainly have no hesitation in recommending Joy Aimee and A & A Book Publishing.

Wendy Fitzgerald
Author of Bollywood Dreams

What a blessing to have worked with Joy Aimee and the whole team of A&A Publishing. From the beginning I was deeply impressed with Joy’s empathy, encouragement, attentiveness and belief in my ability to find my own voice.

Not only was Joy’s enthusiasm infectious and inspiring but she has the unique quality of being able to sensitively bring out one’s best. Her vision for my book was exceptional and she has helped me to make it a reality.

I am also thrilled to have had the expert and intuitive creative design work of David Andor. A huge thankyou is extended to all at A&A Publishing.

Bernadette Raymond O’Connor
Author of Woman of Clay



From the moment of my first contact with Joy Aimee of A&A Publishing and Write Well Write Now, I have felt encouraged, challenged and supported in all the right measures.

Joy is a remarkable coach, teacher, editor and mentor. She has taken great care with writing revealed for the first time to another, appreciative of what was working and creative in identifying improvements. Her response has never been general but targeted precisely to the strengths of what was developed in a written piece and that which was in need of work. This balance of urging and applauding has demonstrated Joy?s understanding of the vulnerability of the writer, along with her own thorough knowledge of the writing process. Her work has been clearly grounded in her love of writing itself.

Once Joy’s role moved to that of publisher, the same keen interest in supporting me through the process was clear in every step. Joy took pains to explain each stage, to involve and form a plan which suited all. Every decision was negotiated so that I had not just knowledge of the process but a measure of control.

Joy has surrounded herself with people of great skill, including the excellent designer David Andor. All decisions regarding the design of the book and its cover were made in the context of ongoing consultation. The publicity process with Dorothy Griffiths has been a similar co-operative venture. These people work extremely effectively to ensure the success of their writers.

The editing process for publishing was one shared. Planning for the launch of the book was one where there was discussion at each step. Assistance in handling media contacts has been provided, ideas and suggestions sought in all processes.

My first contacts with publishers had been an alienating process. I could not have imagined such thorough care and interest as that which I have experienced from A&A Publishing and I recommend them unreservedly. It is enough to make one wish to keep writing!

Allan Cope
Author of Poster Boy, Faithful to Self, Episode Twenty Nine


I have no hesitation in recommending A&A for any authors publishing needs. I have found A&A to be the whole package. From editing to book design through to the detailed media campaign, A&A have been highly professional. The team at A&A have a creative process that is remarkable. Nothing was overlooked to make sure my book was the best it could possibly be. The team at A&A remained acutely focused producing results that continually surprised me. All of this built on a relationship which has somehow made me feel special. Realising my dream and becoming a published author through A&A has been a thrilling ride. Anyone hoping to publish their work can’t go past A&A. Having been through the experience, and now being a published author, I know they won’t regret it one iota.

Clive “Adventure” Smith
Author of Tall Tales and Dinkum Yarns


‘When I hold my book in my hands I can scarcely believe it is true. Writing a book is one thing, but to get it in print is something else. I could never have designed such an eye catching front cover. Even the back cover is exciting…

I turn the pages and admire the layout. The font is exactly right. What a magnificent title page! It looks so professional! And that is exactly what prompted me to accept the offer from A & A Book Publishing to publish My Grandma’s a Witch on my behalf.

The letter from A&A told me that they liked my manuscript but it could do with a “good edit”. I must admit I was sceptical. I believed I had sent a polished piece of work and wondered what on earth they could do to improve it. I was absolutely delighted with the result. In fact I was “gobsmacked”. Joy Aimee’s professionalism and encouragement was like a breath of fresh air. She was so enthusiastic about my book and her comments showed thought and insight. And she was right! As an English teacher I knew she was right. I had no hesitation in placing my precious manuscript in her care, and I have never regretted that decision.

A & A Book Publishing has taken all the pain and worry away from publishing. There are so many things along the way the writer just wouldn’t think about, such as someone to endorse the back cover, someone to launch the book and ways to promote it. Not to mention the size, colour of paper, font, illustrations and so on.

The designers A&A use are extremely talented. It is clear they take an interest in the text by the accuracy of the illustrations, and work tirelessly to provide the very best layout.

And it didn’t just end once the book was published. Joy has spent hours making sure that the launching of my book will go smoothly. She has worked diligently to get “Grandma” out there. I am confident “Grandma” has had the best possible start in life. Now it is up to her. Thanks a million, A&A. I am looking forward to publishing the rest of the series with you.’

Susan Collingbourne
Author of My Grandma’s a Witch


‘The word that comes to mind when dealing with Joy Aimee and her team at A&A publishing is “professionalism” . They project-managed my book “Impressive Interviews – your pocket sized personal interview trainer” from start to finish; from editing, book and cover design, selecting the right printer through to co-ordinating my book launch, arranging distribution, publicity and marketing. A&A Publishing took the worry out of being a first time author. I could not be happier. Thank you Joy.’

Deborah Barit
Author of Impressive Interviews


“I have just been on the most exciting ride of my life! Publishing a book with A&A has been a wonderful adventure from beginning to end – and we are still only half way through with the launching date coming up in early May.

Only last October I saw the A&A ad in the Newswrite magazine and sent my rather timid email with the outline of my book.

The next day, Joy Aimée, the Editor, rang me to say she thought my work had merit and would be a very saleable book. Would I be interested in meeting with her to talk about it?

Within a couple of weeks I had signed up to the first proposal to edit, design, and print the book with a second proposal for the marketing, publicity and distribution pending.

I was by turn very excited and then very scared at the big financial commitment to my own work that I was making, but Joy continually commended me for the work and reassured me that it was worth it or they wouldn’t have said they wanted the job.

Every step of the process over the next four months she walked alongside me and helped with every detail of production. She has the art of soothing panic-stricken authors down pat.

It was very exciting to see my work gradually becoming a book as the editing, endless proof reading and then design got under way. So many times there were little adjustments to be made but Joy kept the pot bubbling steadily and soon we were into the design phase with cover, a new title and the setting of pages and illustrations painstakingly debated and sorted.

Never once did I feel taken over or rushed – I was involved in every detail and no decisions were made without me passing them or “signing off on” them as the jargon goes.

Joy and her team work methodically and smoothly together so that, like an expectant mother, I the author, felt thoroughly prepared and nurtured right up to the birthing date when we handed the book to the printers for delivery.

We were even shown around the Maternity suite, as a tour of the of the Printing factory was arranged to see how books are made on the shop floor.

Just over two weeks after signing off for the printer, my book was delivered safely in 49 boxes – a big beautiful baby! Mother and baby are doing just fine!”

Bridget McKern
Author of Living the Journey


“Wow – what an inspirational journey of personal and professional growth I’ve been on this year! Through the gentle encouragement and guidance of Joy and the team at A&A Publishing, I have gained strength and confidence in myself as a person. My writing skills have also been nurtured and nourisheed, both before and after publication. Thanks Joy for believing in me and allowing me to share in your journey of inspiring the world with words.”

Jenny Sharp
Author of On Freedom’s Wings


“Joy and her team at A&A Publishing made the publication of my first book an easy and efficient process, turning my dream into reality. I do sincerely recommend the services of A&A and I will use them again this year when I publish my second book.”

Paul D M Sherry
Author of Selling Is Not A Science, Clients for Life