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So you want to publish an eBook? Why wouldn’t you when Amazon now sells more eBooks than hard covers?

To bring everyone up to speed, an eBook is an electronic book also known as e-book, eBook or digital book.  Regardless of the name, all are books in digital form. Their popularity is growing every year because nothing beats reading a good book and ebooks make reading more portable in that you can carry many books with you at once on your ebook reader.

The main benefit is that costs can be much lower than traditional book publishing and the publishing timeline can be much faster.  You have access to an international marketplace which expands your audience and if you aren’t ready to publish a physical book, perhaps the ebook process is a good first step.

To help maximize your success when publishing an eBook here are my tried and true tips.

  1. The title matters – it’s your best chance to hook the reader. Make it catchy, clear and avoid clichés. It might even be worth having a couple of alternatives so you can brainstorm with others.
  2. Books are judged by their cover – ALWAYS use a professional for your cover art. If you aren’t an artist or graphic designer, leave it to the experts to create your vision.
  3. Hire the best book editor you can – even the most successful writers rely on great editors to enhance their work. No first draft is perfect, be open to the feedback because it will only make your book better. If possible you want to use an editor that has written their own book before.
  4. Don’t get lost in the crowd, marketing matters - spend some time and money on the marketing of your ebook to get it noticed.  Thousands of ebooks are released every day, to get noticed takes effort. Listen to the experts and plan accordingly.
  5. Lastly, make sure your book informs, enlightens or entertains: otherwise no one will read it!


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