Joy Aimée, Managing Director of A&A Book Publishing Pty Ltd, has welcomed the recent arrival to Australia of the iPad and Kobo, the e-book reader launched in partnership with Borders bookshops.

“E-book readers are now cost-effective and accessible to people of all ages,” commented Ms Aimée. “A&A has been producing e-books of its titles for about three years now. We are delighted that the technology for reading them has improved so much in that time and it will continue to do so. In fact, it is not even necessary to have an e-book reader as they can also be downloaded and read on smartphones, the generic term for phones with internet access.

“E-book sales now represent one third of our sales, that is for every two hard copy books A&A sell, we are now selling an e-book. That is a dramatic increase from three years ago when we only sold the occasional e-product.

“E-books are great news for our authors too as they now have access to a global marketplace via Amazon, Kobo Books, Borders and other e-product sellers.

“I believe that e-publishing is the way of the future, especially for those books that you only want to read once. If the end result is that we all have access to a greater range of quality reading when and where it suits us to read it, then what’s the downside?”