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Self Publishing advice and tips

A&A Book Publishing in an Australian Independently run self publishing house and has been in operation since 2004.  Over that time we have witnessed self publishing growing in popularity in Australia as more and more authors are choosing to self publish their books, eBooks and poetry. Ultimately self publishing offers Australian authors more control over the whole publishing process. If you’ve exhausted all traditional publishing possibilities or just want to jump right in, here are five reasons why you should consider self publishing here in Australia.

 1. Ownership of your book

The number one reason to self publish is that you own your book and have a say in everything involved in getting your book to market. Traditional publishing means the publisher owns your book and call the shots.

2. A Bigger Piece of the profit

With traditional publishing houses the royalties may be small (especially for first time authors) so to cut out the literary agent and the publishing houses’ costs of doing business you as the author receive a bigger share of the profits for each book sold.

3. Faster Timelines

Self Publishing can happen a lot faster than traditional publishing methods.  It can be as fast as 4 months from manuscript submission to your book sitting on the bookstore shelves.  At the other end of the scale some traditional publishing houses can take years to deliver your book while they “wait for just the right time” for them!

4. You are in control

It’s called self publishing for a reason, you are in control from beginning to end. You have the final say on marketing, the cover design, even the page layout. Self publishing is a unique opportunity to control the packaging and distribution of your literary vision. You created it; why shouldn’t you have a say?

5. Flexible print run size

Some publishing houses make you buy back your own books.  This can be a costly exercise for the first time author so with self publishing you can dial up or down the print run size of your books. If they are running of the book store shelves, you can always print more along the line.  Customised, affordable, flexible what could be better?

When deciding whether to self-publish or go the traditional route, like all decisions you must weigh the pros and cons.  If you do decide to go the self publishing route but don’t know where to begin, A&A Book Publishing can help you navigate the entire process from start to finish.

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