A&A Book Publishing are currently giving away 10 copies of Mandi Greenwood’s novel Six Steps Down. To enter the competition share our Facebook post with your friends and let us know what special place you treasured as a young adult in the comments below. The competition is running until Sunday the 8th of December.

Six Steps Down is Mandi Greenwood’s debut novel. Inspired by the beautiful Victorian coastline, the story follows sixteen year old Aisley in a journey of history and discovery. Written for young adults, this novel will take you on a roller coaster of intrigue and heartbreak.


Halfway down, the treacherous loose gravel gave way and her feet slid out from under her, making Aisley scream.

She sat down hard, scraping the heels of both hands painfully on the stony ground.

She put her head on her bent knees and sobbed.

How had things gotten so crazy so quickly?


An ardent lover of books from day one, Mandi has been reading and writing fiction her entire life, and has always wanted to be an author. Surrounded by books since childhood, she was besotted early on by the likes of Charlotte Bronte, Frances Hodgson Burnett, and of course, JRR Tolkien. Her first copy of Jane Eyre, given to her at age ten, was re-read over and over until it literally fell apart. Mandi still adores reading and she has encouraged this love and respect for books in her children as well.

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