Self Publishing


A   How do I choose a good book publisher?

How do I choose a good book publisher?

  • Do your research. Look at publisher websites and ask these key questions:
  • Quality – do they offer editing and proof-reading services?
  • Price – do they tell you how they charge? Are there any hidden costs?
  • Distribution – do they offer mainstream distribution through retail outlets?
  • Publicity – do they offer any marketing of your book/  



A   Why should I use an independent book publisher?

Copyright – traditional publishing involves selling your copyright. With independent publishing you should always maintain ownership of your intellectual material.

Design – input into the design and look of your book should be a key feature of independent publishing.

Marketing – you should also have input into how your book is marketed.


A   What is the benefit of self publishing in Australia?

Timing – apart from everything already mentioned, a key reason to self-publish is that you will have your book and eBook selling in retail outlets within 4-6 months.


A   If I self publish a book, could it be a best seller?

Absolutely! Bookshops make no distinction between books produced by traditional and independent publishers. 


A   Will my book be sold in bookstores?

A&A titles are distributed nationally and internationally by Dennis Jones & Associates and sold through all book retailing outlets in Australia.

eBook Publishing


A   Is ebook publishing for me?

Why wouldn’t it be? Our eBooks are sold throughout the world and there is no expensive freight to be paid! This means that our authors have access to a potentially huge marketplace, including the major online retailers like Amazon, Kobo, Booktopia and so on but also purchasers like American libraries – the opportunities are vast!

For more details on ebook publishing, visit our webpage.


A   Can I have graphics/images added to my ebook?

Yes, of course. eBooks are very sophisticated these days and offer graphics just like any other book.

Book Editing


A   Who does the book editing? Can I speak with them after the edit?

A&A have a team of editors, and Joy Aimée, the the publisher, also edit manuscripts herself. Our editors are happy to discuss their recommendations with the author, and in our process, the author always has the final say over their manuscript.

For more details on book editing, visit our webpage.


A   I'm half way through writing my book, can I show it to someone to see if I'm on track?

It is always a very good idea to show your half-completed manuscript to an editor or publisher to get their feedback before you invest any more time and effort into your writing. They may be able to make some suggestions that have not occurred to you and that may substantially improve the quality and marketability of your work.

Please contact us if you would like a professional opinion on your manuscript progress.