A&A Book Publishing offers a number of self publishing packages to suit your self publishing needs.  From ebook publishing and personal poetry printing through to the total author experience there is a package to suit your book publishing needs.  Not sure which package to go with, contact us with your questions today and we will take you through what is available.

1. Digital Taster – ebook publishing plus a short print run

An economical package for people who want to publish an ebook.  This package includes a professionally designed e-book for web sales and a short digital print run of up to 250 books. This option allows further short print runs as required or a cost-effective larger off-set print run at any time.

Distribution and Publicity services are an optional extra.

2. Poetry Publishing Package

Our Jaka Books business is a specialist poetry publisher. Have your own poetry transformed into a beautifully designed book to delight your family and friends. Consider a short, economical print run that can be “topped up” as required. Submit your poetry here.

3. The Total Author Experience - deluxe self publishing

This is the “deluxe” self publish experience for an author but it is also the most cost-effective. This package provides a larger print run (1,000, 2,000 or 4,000) of your book, thereby reducing the per unit cost and potentially increasing your potential for profit. Distribution and publicity services are highly recommended with this option, as is an e-book, as they all increase your exposure in the marketplace.

We are also able to arrange your book launch.

Extras as required:

  • Legal review
  • Book launch
  • Publicity
  • Distribution


All packages are flexible, that is why we do not provide quotes until we fully understand what it is you want to achieve. Once we do, our Production, Distribution and Publicity Proposals (click here) clearly set out the contractural arrangements between us, costs and time frame. These documents ensure that your book publishing experience with us is both pleasurable and professional.


Submit your manuscript today.