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You have 2 options to submit your manuscript for a no legal obligation quote.

1. Online: Using the online form below, complete all the information and make sure to provide a manuscript sample as detailed.

2. By Post: Alternatively download the “Your Vision for Your Book” form, to be completed and mailed in to us with a copy of your full manuscript. 

All submissions will be advised of the outcome usually within 21 working days.  This will include a written quote should your manuscript be accepted along with next steps.


If you haven't already, please make sure you read Before You Contact Us prior to submitting your manuscript so that you are aware of the process.

Manuscript Sample should include:

  1. Synopsis — one page maximum outlining the plot.
  2. Chapter Outline — 2-3 sentences detailing every chapter.
  3. Just Three sample chapters, not necessarily in sequence.
  4. Microsoft Word doc, docx, .rtf files only if submitting online.

Online Manuscript Submissions - Start Here:

Completing this form puts you under no legal obligation. This form is only intended to give A&A the information we need to prepare your production, and publicity and distribution proposals. If you are unsure about any of the questions below please put a question mark in the appropriate box.

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