Submission Guidelines

  1. All poetry must be submitted electronically using the form below
  2. It must be double spaced (this is for editing purposes only and will not impact the final format)
  3. Poems which continue to a second page are to have the title restated with "(continued)" placed adjacent to the title and all pages are to be numbered
  4. Titles are to be uppercase and bold (this is for editing purposes only and will not impact the final format)
  5. Each poem should have as a preamble its inspiration, its point of view and what it is attempting to state to the world at large.
  6. All editing will be performed electronically and will be returned to you electronically in marked up form.
  7. You are responsible for accepting and making the final changes.
  8. You may wish to engage in a single (one time only) email interchange to discuss the reasoning behind the suggested editing.
  9. After you have made the changes you wish to make, you may resubmit the poetry for a further review but you must indicate very specifically why you have/have not agreed with the changes suggested by the editor/s.
  10. A written quote will be provided for all editing requests.

Online Poetry Submissions - Start Here:

Completing this form puts you under no legal obligation. This form is only intended to give A&A the information we need to prepare your production, and publicity and distribution proposals. If you are unsure about any of the questions below please put a question mark in the appropriate box.

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